What Does Jesus Have to Do with Mommy Blogs?

Maybe you’re not like me, but as a blogger, I read blogs.

I read lots of blogs.

Business blogs, homemaker blogs, marketing blogs, cooking blogs, Jesus-loving blogs, fashion blogs, finance blogs, political blogs… all the blogs.

(Okay, not really on the finance and political blogs… but hey – they’re on my “To-Read” list.)
(That was a lie. They aren’t on any list.)
(Unless it’s a Dave Ramsey’s financial planning post… because talk about a NEED in my life.)
(I probably still won’t read it. Because I’m LAZY.)

Mommy Blog CollageAnd Mommy Blogs.

I guarantee you’ve come across a post or two before, especially if you spend any amount of time on Facebook scrolling your newsfeed for new links.

Mommy blogs are everywhere.

Let me say it again.


And about EVERY. THING.

There’s the Organic Mom…
the Christian Mom…
the Frugal Mom…
the Snarky Mom…
the Single Mom…
the Crafty Mom…
the Southern Mom…
the Agnostic Mom…

(You get the point.)

You could maybe include my blog as one too. Maybe? I mean, I don’t really post anything of worth (besides CRAZY), but I am a mom… anyway, you know what I mean…

I’ve seen some awesome Mommy Blog posts in my day, as well as some not-so-awesome ones. They talk about everything from homeschooling to arts & crafts to chores to health & safety. I tend to thoroughly enjoy them, for the most part. (Especially if they throw a pretty pinnable picture or quote in there – consider me SOLD.)

So what does Jesus have to do with mommy blogs?

It’s simple.

Nothing… yet everything.

Mommy blogs can be the lifesaver thrown into the pool for the mom struggling to get their head above water. But they can also be like that bratty kid who pushes you off the diving board into the deep end before you’re ready… and with out floaties.

I recall reading a Mommy Blog which motivated me to make positive changes in the way I speak and interact with my children on a daily basis. Then the next week, I read a Mommy Blog which trashed public education and told me I was a bad parent because I wasn’t homeschooling my children.

Parenting is hard and unpredictable. One minute you’re sailing just enjoying the scenery and the next life has your boat tipped over.

(Gentlemen, please excuse my biases in my next statement.)

And us moms? We are the ones tossing water out of the boat, keeping us and our families afloat.

So I think it is natural for moms to want (need?) to read mommy blogs – for tips, tricks, and even encouragement.

But when reading them, we must remember Jesus has both nothing, yet everything to do with them.


Jesus has nothing to do with the pressure felt reading mommy blogs.
Jesus has nothing to do with the judgment radiated in mommy blogs.
Jesus has nothing to do with the feelings of inadequacy and failure mommy blogs drive into readers.
Jesus has nothing to do with anything that is NOT true, noble, right, pure, lovely, or admirable which can pull a mommy blog reader. (Philippines 4:8)


Jesus has everything to do with wisdom dripping from mommy blogs.
Jesus has everything to do with encouragement waiting at mommy blogs.
Jesus has everything to do with community brought by mommy blogs.
Jesus has everything to do with love. And being a mommy is all about love.

These are things I’m going to remember the next time I click through to the latest viral Mommy Post. I’ll remember he has everything to do with the positive, encouraging wisdom and nothing to do with the failure and judgement felt.

What are some of your favorite Mommy Blogs?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Reply Alyssa March 26, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Amen! I totally get what you’re saying I found you on http://purposefulfaith.com/ link up!

    • Reply Kristin April 15, 2015 at 12:49 pm

      Thanks for stopping by and reading Alyssa!

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