Three Times the Fun

Last weekend, we held a gender reveal party for Baby Fun #3. (Three! Jesus, be near…)

And because Pinterest rocks I’m so creative (<– LIE!), the decision was made to use silly string as the baby’s gender announcement. With so many kids hanging around my friends these days (i.e. their parents), I thought it would be fun to use silly string, where all ages could get involved.

Full disclosure: I’m pretty sure the silly string was more fun for the adults than the kids, but whatevs… 😉

After my doctor’s appointment that morning, I hustled over to my friend Molly’s house with the sealed envelope containing the ultrasound picture. Molly went shopping for the appropriate colored silly string and wrapped/decorated the cans for me.

To answer a popular question I’ve received – no – I had NO CLUE what the gender was until that evening’s silly string war. Only Molly (and McKenna – because TEARS) knew.

(In related news, McKenna is an amazing secret-keeper. She won’t break. No matter how many ponies and KitKats you offer.)

Later that evening, we had a crew of family and friends come eat and celebrate at our “tailgate.” I had the best time. (And I think most everyone else did too.)



(Quick Shout-Out: Thanks MIL, FIL, and mom for helping this preggo get ready for the party!! *high fives all around* I couldn’t have done it without y’all!)

Below are a few pictures snapped during the moment of reveal.

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A girl.

Another girl.

Three girls.

I can hardly believe it.

While some may say we’ll have our hands full between the hormones, boyfriends, shopping, hair drama, and weddings we’ll have to pay for… I say we’ll have our hands full of fun.

Three times the fun, to be exact.

And I say we’ll have our hands full of blessings.

Three times the blessing.

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