20 Things by 30

So I hit thirty earlier this year and I decided to list twenty things I wish I had been able to tell myself when I was twenty. I’ve been meaning to post this, but have been lazy busy.
(As you’ll see, apparently, I had a lot of stuff to “get over.” Ha!)


  1. Open a mutual fund or IRA or something and put money in it every month. Don’t ask questions. Just do it.
  2. If your school is fully funded like it will be your entire college career – don’t be stupid and open a student loan. Even if you’re told you should. There’s no need for it and you will literally be paying for it for a long time.
  3. Not everyone keeps promises. Even those you think will.
  4. Start running long distances. You’ll appreciate it later when you marry an endurance junkie who likes to workout for hours on end. The catch-up time won’t be as crappy.
  5. Don’t blow money on designer purses. It’s stupid. One, maaaybe two, will suffice if you MUST have one. You’ll appreciate that money more elsewhere. (By the way – you’re still learning this at thirty years of age.)
  6. Journal more. You’ll want to read through those memories later because, let’s be real… you have the worst memory known to man. Write everything down.
  7. Do you really need that 3rd animal you saw at the pound? Sure, puppies and kittens are cute. But they live forever… For. Eh. Ver.
  8. Good call on getting good grades. Keep that one up. (Except that one Anthropology 101 grade… might want to rethink not studying for the midterm…)
  9. Study the bible more. And then some more. And then some more.
  10. Whenever someone says “Just one more drink,” it NEVERS means JUST ONE more. Never. Ever. Just walk away.
  11. Take advantage of your time. You have more of it now than you will for MANY more years. Go on a vacation. Who cares if you’re poor? In 6 years, you won’t be able to go on another one without dragging kids along with you or begging grandparents to come babysit.
  12. Do NOT let people undermine you or steal what is rightfully yours – even ideas. It doesn’t matter if they are your parents, your friends, your boss, or even your kids.
  13. Prayer doesn’t include just asking for what you want. Ask God what HE wants. In the end, it’ll be what YOU want, you just don’t know it yet. 🙂
  14. Don’t pressure your boyfriend into buying you a ring. He’ll do it eventually. He doesn’t need your help, trust me…. and trust him. 😉(errr… Sorry, Bryant!)
  15. Do NOT go into a tanning salon anymore. Ugh… you’re paying for it by thirty already. And wear sunscreen on your face, for crying out loud.
  16. Don’t be bitter about things said or done to you and around you. You need to get over that too.
  17. Don’t wait until you are 27 years old to purchase your first pair of nude pumps. Sheesh… you’ve already needed them for years by now.
  18. Start good eating habits now. When you’re vegetarian/vegan in 10 years, it’ll be easier to give up those O.C.P.s. (Oatmeal Creme Pies.)
  19. Pay attention in your Technology & Communication class. As much as you want to deny your inner-nerd, she’s there. She always has been. And besides, HTML coding will pay your mortgage within the next eight years. EMBRACE THE CSS!!!
  20. Put all your faith and hope in God. In Christ alone, your hope is found.


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30 Years

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20 Years

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