Welcome to McKenna’s Ice Castle

So, in case you’ve been living under a rock, I want to be the first to inform you, the Disney movie, Frozen, is all the rage.

I am Little kids everywhere are obsessed with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf…
(Not really with Sven or Kristoff… they’re the lame supporting characters.)
(Sorry, but it’s true.)
(But they’re necessary characters, at least. However lame they may be.)

Anyway, my child reigns as Queen of the Frozen Fan Club. She has every line memorized, and we she sings the songs sporadically all day, everyday.

Here’s a little taste….

Anyway, for her birthday in June, we had a Frozen themed party. It was a ton of fun for the kids. I gave MK the choice of having her party at a fun place (such as The Little Gym or some other crazy, little kid party location) for a gazilion dollars or having it at our house, and spending that gazillion dollars on decorations and a cool cake.

She chose the latter.

So, out the invitations went.

Including Elsa and Anna, in the flesh cardboard.And then onto OrientalTrading.com we went, and McKenna picked out all the decor.

When all the junk decor arrived, I made HER decorate. After all, it was her party.

And ladies and gentlemen, she may have a future in the decorating business. Seriously.
(Let’s be real – this child gets excited when the new season’s Pottery Barn catalog comes out and exclaims “NEW CURTAINS!” upon flipping to page 27.)
(Welcome to my life, people. I live with a middle-aged housewife, stuck in a 5 year old body.)

While McKenna set up the crystal trees, “icicles,” tissue balls, and plethora of candy-filled vases (to which I say Your Welcome! to all the unsuspecting party-goer parents. No worries, free doses of insulin were passed out upon departure…), I printed out a number of free printables I found online (food labels, water bottle labels, framed printables, a banner, etc.) to add the finishing touches and voila! We turned our home into a Frozen tundra.


(I forgot to get a closeup pic of the food, so this was was taken from the site I download the printables from)


I’m pretty sure all of the kids had a blast.

(The parents, I’m not so sure.)



Not going to lie… I’m pretty proud of my HAND DRAWN Olaf, for Pin the Nose of Olaf.
(This is where the truth of my sub-par artistic skills is to be kept a secret from me. Please, and thank you.)

Well, the party was a success.
(Nobody died and there was no blood shed, so yes – a success.)
(Though we may have had some severe insulin spikes.)

But I’m glad it’s over.

Until next year!

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