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“The Power of Christian Community: Why We Must Make Time for our Friends of Faith”

Have you been through a time that was pretty lonely? Maybe you were physically isolated, or maybe it was a time surrounded by people, but they didn’t really “get” you? Maybe life has just become way too busy to spend time with anyone outside your immediate family, so text messaging or Facebook has become the way of staying in touch, with maybe a phone call here or there.

Kristin has been there – heck, she is there! – but she also says women must make time – quality, face-to-face time – with them.

In this message, Kristin will dive into biblical principles on why it is not only favored, but necessary for women to connect with Christian friends and community in order to be blessed in their faith.

“Getting Up from Spiritual Paralysis: Overcoming our Crowded Lives to be with our Creator”

Have you ever felt far away and disconnected from God – spiritually paralyzed? Being spiritually paralyzed often feels like Jesus is off with and teaching everybody else, but not us. Others can see, hear and feel Him, but we can’t.

In this message, Kristin discusses why our crowded, crazy lives attribute to inability to connect with God. Diving into biblical principles, she helps women to  get up and seek their Creator, using creative and bold strategies.

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Past studies:

  • Psalm 40
  • The Book of Ruth
  • Genesis 12
  • Proverbs 31
  • Mark 6
  • Luke 5
  • John 20
  • and more …. 

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