Run Like You Stole It… Or Don’t Run At All.

At the 1st 2014 RRS 5K

So after Mother Nature’s debacle that screwed up the whole 2013 St Jude Marathon Weekend, I’ve been pretty lackadaisical when it comes to running.

I’ve done it.
(Sort of.)

But haven’t really set any goals or trained hard for anything. I’m pretty sure the full marathon training did me in.

Therefore, my base mileage and pace per mile has suffered since.

Oh, well.

But that’s the cool thing about running.

You can always get better.
(In my case, only after you get worse, of course.)

I’ve run a couple 5K’s here and there with some new running friends and my sister, and they’ve been fun. For the first time (in my life, really) I haven’t been uber-competitive in pushing trying for new PRs and longer distances. I’ve taken it slow and easy. And it’s been kind of nice.

(Weird, but nice.)

I did, however, register for the Road Race Series again.
(Why I do this to myself every year, I don’t know.)

I ran the first 5K with one of my friends, who, by-the-way, got a P.R.! Whoop! Unfortunately, during the second 5K, Bryant was out of town (at his own race. I tend to draw the short straw when it comes to racing in our household.), and there was nobody to watch the kids. Normally, I would get a babysitter, but they tend to be few and far between on Sundays at 7am.

But hopefully, I’ll be able to run the next one.

So maybe by the end of this series, I’ll have a couple more half marathons under my belt. And maybe by then I’ll get the competitive streak back.

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