Pinterest Lies Revealed

Ahhh, the annual family photo.

There’s just something about the holidays (and the enormous pressure to get a Pinterest-worthy card in the mail) that just scream franticness warmth and frustration love, making families feel the need to come together for a chaotic lovely photography session.

My family is no different.

Confession: The last time we took family portraits was over two years ago – before Meda was even a part of our family. So every family photo hanging in our home is sans 25% of our family. Sorry, Meda Pita. #secondchild

So anyway, when my in-laws were all in town for Thanksgiving (which by the way – STUFFING! GRAVY!) we set out for our not-so-annual photo session.

(Though, this time we were still missing some family members. Besides the ones who couldn’t make it to Tennessee for the holiday, every single one of us came down with some sort of nasty funk. So the day our photos rolled around, Jeff, my BIL, was still out of commission. So unfortunately, he didn’t make any of the day’s photos… but, like the Pinterest pioneers we are – we caulked the wagon and forged the river anyway.)

Teaser: I’m not going to lie… I think our Christmas card turned out pretty cute. We ended up choosing 3 photos for it, but you’ll have to wait until Christmas for that one.


Confession #2: While our Christmas card may show a different side of us, I’m here to tell you something… those three photos chosen?? It was an act of God to get them. You have to remember, Bryant and I live with a honey badger… a master of mayhem.

And between McKenna and my niece and nephew, we had 3 other kids there who weren’t in the best of moods or cooperative.

Oh yeah – and did I mention my husband is broken? (That’s a story for another post I need to write).

So anyway, we had 5 still-sort-of-sick adults, 1 broken adult with crutches, 3 hungry/sick/tired kids, and 1 honey badger to photograph.

It was a fun day.

Here are some fun photos for your viewing pleasure, ones that show the hidden story behind the Pinterest Christmas card you’ll be seeing from me in the next few days.

*Click the photos below to see larger images of crying kids and frustrated parents*




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