Ode to Weeman: 5 Signs My Dog Needs Pet Therapy

Meet Weeman.

He’s our 10(ish) year old extreme, rescue mutt.

I say “extreme” mutt, because… well, the muddied bloodlines of this mutt are indeed just that – extreme. There is no pool of clarity on what breeds may or may not be thrown into the waters here. Every vet (or self-proclaimed dog expert) we’ve inquired of (or didn’t inquired of. Don’t you just love unsolicited advice and comments?) proclaims Weeman carries a mix of a multitude of different breeds.

Yes – a mix of a multitude.

Nobody can agree on just a single breed or two. So we’re going to assume he has them all. All the breeds.

Art Credit to Hyperbole & a Half

Anyway, as I was saying…

Meet Weeman. Weeman has an issue.

His issue is that he has ALL the issues.


This dog is so dadgum awkward and weird, it’s embarrassing. And a lot of people think he’s cross eyed.

(Which he is not. His eyes are just set closely together.)


Anyway, here are the 5 signs that showed me Weeman probably needs some Zoloft. If your dog suffers from any or all of these, you may need to seek some professional help, as well.

1) He shivers and shakes when you look at him.
2) He shivers and shakes when you don’t look at him.
3) He finds the most awkward and uncomfortable positions to lay in.
4) He sits in corners for hours, not making eye contact.
5) He sits in corners for hours, not breaking eye contact.

But I do want to go on record and state that Weeman is a phenomenal kid dog.

But not your kid.

Just mine.

He loves McKenna and Meda to death. Every time Meda cries, he rushes to her door and waits for me to get there… or he’ll come (shaking, of course) to get me. And you’ll notice, in many of McKenna and Meda’s pictures, Weeman is photobombing somewhere.

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So he’s a good dog. (Sometimes). But he’s a socially awkward dog. (All the time.)

Here’s to you, Weeman. You officially have made it to your own little slice of the inter webs because of your weirdness.

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