Is God Really With Us? Even When … ?

It’s been a month of guest posting for me over at the Hope Women’s Blog. I felt like I’d be doing my blog friends a disservice if I didn’t share here, as well, so … well, here they are! I had a blast focusing my writing on the topic of “God is with us,” because, if you’re anything like me, these reminders are needed during this crazy Christmastime.

Below are the 3 posts I shared over on their blog. I would love to hear your feedback! Comment below with your thoughts, concerns, bitches and gripes on each of these topics. 🙂 I want to hear from you! (No, like really though … I love when we can chat about it. So comment and let me know!) 

God is with us … even when others are not.

My holidays don’t look anything like I thought they ever would.

Sure, there are the Christmas trees, the lights, the music, the food, my children and other loved ones. I’m surrounded by family, friends and, for the most part, a sense of peace and happiness.

But someone is missing.

Someone I always thought would be there. Someone who was a key piece to not just the holiday puzzle, but the everyday family one. It doesn’t feel right, but the holidays have continued on without them, and there is nothing I can do to stop it – nothing I can do to add them back into the mix.

Are you missing someone this holiday season, too?

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God is with us … even when the excitement has subsided.

I was heading out to lunch with my pastor/boss-man last week, trying to think of what to write for this last #GodisWithUs post. In our discussion, he mentioned something that stuck with me – the excitement of Christmas is fleeting, but Christ is forever.

Um, so yeah. Spoken like a true pastor, right? 😉 #AlltheProfoundnessandTruth

But he was right… is right.

Christmas has a way of bringing out all the excitement and feels, but – unfortunately – the excitement of Christmas fades as the next holiday or season rolls around.

I was reminded of this again when cleaning up all the toys in my daughters’ room, where an American Girl doll from last Christmas laid discarded in the corner.

It reminded me that the giddiness of an answered prayer, the revelation of His presence, or the newness of our faith subsides, and Jesus becomes … well, normal and our faith eventually dull…

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God is with us … in grace expectations.

I shared this first post already, but this is one of my biggest challenges of the season. Hell, let’s be real. It’s a challenge for me all the time in this Pinterest-perfect, Facebook newsfeed society we live in. I set great expectations for myself and others and then (every. single. time.) am disappointed.

But the good news is that Jesus helps us combat these great expectations with grace expectations.

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(photo credit: Hope Church Women’s Blog)

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