In Jesus’ Name

I’ve been at a loss for words on this whole Orlando tragedy. I mean, because what can you say? The words “senseless” and “evil” and “heartbreaking” hardly touch such a scenario.

I have so many good friends that are a part of the LGBT community and as a Christian, my beliefs tell me to love people — all people.

I love my LGBT friends. But you might be surprised that it’s not {just} because Jesus told me to. It’s because of who they are … they are among the funniest, most loving, smartest and incredible people I know.

And I know who they are because I got to know them. Even though they are {slightly} different than me. I let myself see the details of their lives and let them see the details of mine.

Oh, how I wish everyone would let people into their lives who are different from themselves. How I wish Omar Mateen had done this. Or how Dylann Roof in Charleston had. Or any other number of people had.

I’m not perfect at this, but when I do make the effort, it is always — ALWAYS — worth the energy, time and any lack of comfort initially felt.

When we get close, perspective changes. It’s amazing how different things look close-up.

Proximity changes everything.

This is why Jesus wanted us to live together and live with love.

Because life is done better together.

I pray for everyone who still harbors some hate for any group different than their own… Including myself. The state of our country scares me. So I pray for opened eyes and opened hearts and love for one another so incredible it could only be Jesus.

In Jesus’ Name, let it be.

*photo from Google/Bearingarms{dot}com*

*originally posted on Facebook*

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