Damn it, I Don’t Have to Listen

If you’ve been here long, you know I love to read. And you also know how much I love to write. Over the past year, I’ve learned what a perfect recipe that makes for being a member of a book’s launch team. I’ve been a part of 3 or 4 over the past 15-ish months and may have found my calling in life. 😉 

So what does that mean?

It means I get an advance copy of the book from the publisher, I read it and then share information about it online. 

What does that mean for YOU? It means I do the “dirty work” of reading it, rating it and then writing a review on it, so YOU can know if it’s worth your time or not. (You’re welcome. *wink*) 

This month, I was thrilled to be accepted onto the launch team for the book, Wild & Free.

The evening I received it, I shared with Jess & Hayley that I cried through the whole first chapter. I told them they had better not do that to me the rest of the book or all the ink and mascara would smear. (Because ain’t nobody got time for that!) But they did it anyway.

I finished Wild & Free in a day(ish) and I can tell you that this book is absolutely worth your time. 

I don’t know about you, but I needed a reminder that I am a prize worth fighting for.

And while I may be told by this world what it thinks I am and what I should be, I am free to be me in this crazy culture and its captive expectations. 

Because before our culture evolved into what it is today, the Creator of the universe “didn’t just love and speak {me} into being, He also called {me} GOOD – the same word He called the massive, majestic oceans and sun that lights our solar system and keeps us all sustained…” (chapter one/Wild & Free)

I am and always have been good in His eyes – not because of who our culture has morphed me into.

And definitely not because I fall into sin so often.

I was before all of that junk molded me and held me captive.

contained, domesticated, terrified living is not the kind of life christ died for me to live.

To be honest, until I read this book, I didn’t even know I WAS living life as described in the above picture.

But not anymore… I know now.

This world I live in is going to tell me what to wear and how to act and what to say.

But damn it, I don’t have to listen.

Because (as cheesy as it may sound) I am wild & free.

The female mustang knows exactly who she is without being told. She’s not caught up in the trappings of this world, because she is wild.

So from now on, I’m living that out too. Living how He originally intended.

Knowing who I am is where I start.

Because I (just like you) am wild & free.


Today is Wild & Free’s birthday!

Friend, you need to read this. And I want to hear what you think! Go read it and then message me your thoughts! I would love to chat about it!

(Or message me whenever I’m down to chat anytime! Even if you haven’t read it yet!)

CLICK HERE to order your copy now!

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  • Reply Melissa Fagan May 3, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    I think the Honey Badger already knows these truths!

  • Reply Lux G. May 17, 2016 at 1:48 am

    Hah! Something worth reading and sharing. I know a lot of people who live their lives according to what the world tells them. I’m one of those who make a stand and show them that we don’t have to be stereotyped or limit ourselves the way the society dictates. This books sounds revolutionary. For the wild and free!

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