Well, hello there, bloggy world!

Long time, no read… or write… or whatever…
(You know what I mean.)

Anyway, I’ve been (once again) MIA from the interwebs for a few weeks.

Okay, not really. I’ve definitely been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my email, work website, and I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been MIA from this here blog.

Anyway, this summer’s been a doozy. Pretty busy and not at all how I picture summertime to look.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of summer I picture lounging by the pool or at the beach with some sort of fruity drink in hand. Sleeping in and seeing movies at the drive-in. Reading at least 2-3 books per month. Having nothing on the agenda except WHATEVER I WANT. (#selfish #buthoneybadgerdontcare)

Well, that’s not reality, people.

I haven’t been to the pool one time. Or the beach.

I can’t remember the last time I slept in or was able to watch a movie in its entirety without being interrupted. And I’ve struggled to finish even one novella over the course of three months.

It’s been busy. Really busy. We’ve had family in town multiple times (that’s what happens when you add additional family members to the clan by way of labor and birth. Meda G has had plenty of visitors and truth be told, it’s been great!). I’ve also been working non-stop (okay, “non-stop” really means “part-time,” but whatevs…) and getting lots of activities and stuff to get done over the past 3 months. Or trying to, at least…

So let’s just say, I’m absolutely, positively, 100% READY. FOR. FALL. Besides pumpkin lattes (all hail, Starbucks!), colorful trees and cooler weather, with fall comes a regularity I crave.

While lounging by the pool, seeing movies and reading sounds fabulous, that type of stuff doesn’t happen during my summers anymore. And I also don’t do well without having a set schedule.

My summer of entertaining a four year old while keeping a newborn alive, working somewhere in between every 3 hour feeding, getting back in shape, dealing with a small (and extremely annoying) bout of post-partum depression and oh yeah, trying to write a book… let’s just say it’s been a tad on the chaotic side.

It was okay at the beginning of summer. We had ballet camp, swim lessons and gymnastics scheduled weekly. We had set hours of the day we did certain things, and it was great. However, I may have been a little overzealous in the first few weeks of June, because I sort of burnt out. We ran out of things to do (not to mention the energy to do them) and it’s been killing not only McKenna, but also me. Don’t get me wrong, there was lots of great and fun moments, but IT. IS. TIME.

It’s time for school to start.

What I am saying is that once school starts, you will see me frolicking in school parking lots, singing praises to Jesus, and doing back handsprings.


Not only will the fall bring regularity to our schedules, but it will give Mama a few hours of peace and quiet from The World’s Most Talkative Four Year Old EVER.

(As I type this, she is sitting – basically on my lap – with a cartoon on and is giving her own commentary on EVERY THING SAID AND DONE on the show. Oh, and when I don’t immediately acknowledge her, the volume and intensity of her voice immensely raises. Which is why I MAY START TYPING IN CAPS TO DROWN OUT THE YELLING IN MY EAR!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME, BLOG READERS????)

Anyway…. back to the topic at hand…

Sure, even with school starting I’ll still have an infant to care for, but she’s not quite to the Won’t Shut Up Stage that her older sister is currently in and can easily be quieted down with either a bottle of Gerber’s deliciousness or strategic placement beneath a large and whirling ceiling fan. (Simple things, people.)

(By the way…. The World’s Most Talkative Four Year Old EVER is still talking…. she’s asking me to take her to Target to buy stuff to make cookies. Because it doesn’t take too long to make cookies. There’s only two things to do. Buy the cookies and put the on the cookie pan. Then put it in the oven. Or the microwave. It’s fun to have cookies. Only two things to do. I like sugar cookies. Can we put sugar in the cookies? I like the sugar. But I like cupcakes the best. Stop laughing at me, mom. STOP LAUGHING!!! MOM, STOP LAUGHING!! Oh, mom. You’re so funny. Can we go to Target now?)

(For the record, that one-way conversation dictated above is verbatim.)

Anyway, I think you get the point. I’ll go ahead and cut this post off now. The moral of the story is that August 27, 2013 will be a glorious day. The day school starts back and fall is officially back in session in the Funston household.

Praise Jesus.

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