A Story to Share

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’ve tweeted recently about some writing I’ve been doing. I wanted to clarify some on that for you.

So here it is….

I am writing a book.

Yep. Keep your undies on…you read that right.

A book…

With pages…

Real pages.

Pages that you can read and flip and turn and touch and wrinkle and bend and write on and burn or whatever else you do with book pages.


Weird, right?

Now. Let me be real with you. I am a writer. I have always written and loved to write. Even in high school when I was forced to write. Yeah, Yeah… I know. I never admitted to my friends, and bitched and complained, and bitched and complained some more, but I actually enjoyed writing essays throughout my school years.

BUT… and this is a huge “but”… I have only written blog posts, essays, and articles before. And I can count on three… maaaybe four hands the number of times my stuff has been published. But never a book. I mean, this has actual chapters in it already.

So weird.

This announcement to my bloggy friends is, if nothing else, something to hold me accountable. I am notorious for starting stories, poems, articles and just letting them disappear into hard drive oblivion. So, that is why I am sharing this information with you. However… first and foremost, I want to make sure we all get one thing straight – this post is NOT a toot-my-own-horn-because-I-am-writing-a-book kind of announcement, because quite frankly, the idea of finishing an entire book absolutely terrifies me. Petrifies me. For a multitude of different reasons… the time involved, the risk of how bad it might suck once finished (which, let’s be real, there’s a great chance of it happening), etcetera. However, if I’ve told people and posted it all over the inter webs, I have to at least finish it…. right?

You, my dear friends, have no need to worry though. The book is not about defecating oneself or how to raise a human being or even how to successfully sign your child up for a highly prestigious preschool without sacrificing other preschool mamas. That kind of life changing information I share for free, right here on my blog. You are welcome.

I’m not giving anything away, but it will be a semi-fiction book (that is totally not the correct term for it – sorry!) that is based on a true story. A type of historical fiction, I guess. A story about a couple good friends of mine and an incredible “adventure” (we’ll go ahead and call it that for lack of a better word) they went through. I heard the story in it’s entirety this past January/February straight from the horse’s (or one of the involved horse’s) mouth and felt a really, really strong urge to write it down. Over the spring and summer month’s I sort of left the story hanging, but have sense felt the crazy weird urge to finish writing it now.

So I am.

I told my friend about it about a month and a half ago (yes…. eleven months after it happened. What can I say? I’m chicken sh*t and have a hard time following through), and her excitement was so contagious, it has helped motivate me to sit down daily to type it out.

Because this story needs to be told. And for some reason, I am the person that God has planned to write it all down. I just pray I do it justice. My friends involved in the story deserve it to be told and told well.

So here goes…

Whether it gets published or not and sold or not….this story needs to be recorded. So wish me luck over the next year trying to get this done.

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