A Play-by-Play: Germantown Half-Marathon

I know, I know… you’ve just been dying to hear how my race went last weekend, haven’t you? (Rhetorical question…. no need to truly answer. I am pretty sure I don’t want to know the real answer to that! 😉 ) As mentioned prior, this past Sunday I ran in the Germantown Half Marathon. (Which by the way, was also the RRCA National Championship Half Marathon. How cool sounding is that? I’m going to start telling everyone I’ve competed in a National Championship. It IS during March Madness, after all… 😉 )

So here is a brief run (pun intended.) down of how the race played out for me:

Mile 1: Get out of my way people!! I’ve got a National Championship to WIN!
Mile 3.5: Check the watch… averaging an 8:35 pace. Sweetness! I can totally keep this up! #TheyCallMePrefontaine
Mile 5: (sucking wind) Okay, maybe not… (gasp! gasp!)
Mile 5.5: OMG… this blows is so stupid much fun! Why did I decide to do this not do this sooner?? (gasp! gasp!)
Mile 6: Britney Spears just came on my iPod. Ahhhhh, yeah…. she always pumps me up. Hopefully these people around me won’t mind my singing! “Now I’m (gasp! gasp!) STRONGER than (gasp! gasp!) yesterday…” (gasp! gasp!)
Mile 6.5: Dude, kill me now I got this. Halfway! That’s it??
Mile 7.5: Um, is that a person sprawled out across the road? Yes, yes it is. Hmmm… She definitely doesn’t look like she MEANT to lay down… Should I stop and help her up? …. (internal debate ensues) …. It would give me an excuse to stop running be a good Samaritan. Nah, there are tons of people helping her up. I would totally just get in the way. Besides, I’ve got a National Championship to win!
Mile 8: Why is my husband on the side of the road still taking pictures? Doesn’t he know that I look best at the BEGINNING of the run? He’s so dead….
Mile 9.5: (gasp! gasp!)
Mile 10: SERIOUSLY? (gasp! gasp!) Three more still left? (gasp! gasp!)
Mile 11: (gasp! gasp! gasp!) I… can’t…. go…. any…. more…. (gasp! gasp! gasp!) My… legs… hurt… (gasp! gasp! gasp!) ….. Ugh. I’m being such an annoying loser! Keep going and quit complaining!
Mile 12: REALLY??? Who decided to put the last mile going UP a hill??? I’m going to have to have a word with these race directors…
Mile 12.5: I think I just died a little, internally. Yes. My insides are dead.
Mile 13.1: Holy Hell…. there go my legs.

So there you have it. I finished it. I ran the whole time. I set a new PR. And my legs dissolved off of my body immediately after. #RockOn

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