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    In Jesus’ Name

    I’ve been at a loss for words on this whole Orlando tragedy. I mean, because what can you say? The words “senseless” and “evil” and “heartbreaking” hardly touch such a scenario. I…

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    This is the Week to Get it Done

    This is Holy Week, one of my favorite times of year. (And not just because Easter means all the FRESH TULIPS are in my house right now… though that helps for sure! *wink*)…

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    The Trouble with To-Dos & A FREE BOOK!

    Whew – the past few weeks have been a WHIRLWIND for me. Not only have I gone back to work on the book proposal from last summer, but I’ve been writing/working for Terrian, Angel Street,…

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    The Thing About Proximity

    If someone looked at me through my front window this afternoon, they might say that I’m a mom who loves her child so much she keeps her close all day. Or I’m…

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    I Am Chosen

    Most days, I just can’t seem do it right – any of it. The work thing, the friend thing, the wife thing, the parent thing. Sometimes I wonder if life’s big joke…

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