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Kristin Funston

Mom of girls. Wife of an athlete. Writer of things. Embracer of the crazy.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m a little bit of the South and the Southwest all rolled into one, I hate to not see hats tipped and hear “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” frequently.

At my table, I serve an entrée of crazy, paired with a side of sarcasm and tall glass of Truth to wash it down. This table with my people is crowded, loud (and sometimes unclothed, but hey… whatcha gonna do?) but there’s always room for more to join the tribe.

Because y’all, in this life, we need each each other.

But even more, we need us some Jesus.

Let’s do this together, what’d a say?


Musings, reviews, entertaining stories and more. You’ll find it on the blog.

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Sometimes I talk to people about Jesus, motherhood, friendship and other things.
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Do you have days when you just know the best option to escape the mayhem is to kill someone? (Not really.) (But really…)

That’s why I wrote this short, devotional ebook. For both your sanity and your kids’ safety. *wink* And it’s yours today – FREE!

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Prayer is important, and praying scripture is powerful. Read more why on the blog.

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